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Sandra Schaub, Founder/CEO of Sandra’s Salsa since 1998 is a native Texan. She first began making salsa at the early age of eight. Sandra’s ABSOLUTE LOVE of fresh salsa is what spurred her to experiment at such an early age. Over the years she has perfected her favorite flavors, and now thousands of people enjoy: “The freshest salsa, just like homemade!"


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Sandra started her business after the birth of her 3rd child. With mounting daycare costs, and an additional child to love and raise, it gave her the desperation to take a chance to start her own business selling her fresh salsa. While working at Temple Enland Mortgage Company, Sandra would bring her salsa to her coworkers on a regular basis for luncheons, birthdays, retirement parties, and you name it. Everyone raved and asked for more. Always saying, “You should sell your salsa! There is nothing like it.” And that is exactly what she did.

In October of 1998, Sandra’s Salsa was on its first retail shelf in Wimberley, TX at Hill Country Natural Foods. Sandra and her family started making it to Market Days in Wimberley, TX, Founder’s Day in Dripping Springs, TX, and a host of other markets in the Central Texas Hill Country. Sandra peddled her fresh salsa, getting the word out to everyone she could, including all her children’s schools, teachers, churches and local businesses. “One bite, and you are in love!”, people would say again and again.

Still not yet on a supermarket shelf, Sandra approached her local grocery store, a minor market store in Dripping Spring, TX to sell her salsa. Having had Sandra’s Salsa before, the store manager simply said, “When are you bringing it?” This was her very first commercial account.

After using a friend’s restaurant during closed hours for salsa production, and another friend’s food prep area in his commercial business, in January 1999, Sandra built her own commercial kitchen in Wimberley, TX. That same month, Sandra’s Salsa made it to the shelves of Brookshire Brother’s Grocery in Wimberley, TX and shortly later, companywide as well, across Texas and parts of Louisiana, serving 78 stores.

In 2002, the original first commercial account Sandra’s Salsa had, was bought out by Super S Food Stores, another minor market grocery chain across Texas. This opened the door for Sandra’s Salsa to move into more than 48 Super S Stores statewide.

In 2003, Sandra and her family moved 13 miles down the road from Dripping Springs to Wimberley, TX. That third baby that spurred the birth of Sandra’s Salsa was starting kindergarten. Later, all three of Sandra’s children graduated from Wimberley High School.

Sandra continued to grow her business and serve her community locally and statewide for 17 faithful years. In 2014, HEB launched their program Quest for the Best. This is a contest HEB holds to search for local vendors who make great Texas products, to put in their stores to sell. While Sandra’s Salsa did not win or even place in the contest, Sandra’s Salsa made it to the top 25 out of over 700 entries. After sharing the news with her fans through social media, the response was overwhelming. Her fans started requesting Sandra’s Salsa at their local HEB. There was such an overwhelming request, that HEB decided to put Sandra’s Salsa on the shelf in 8 local stores. After 18 months of serving just the 8 stores, HEB recognized the demand for Sandra’s Salsa and put it on the shelf in first 60 stores and later, to over 260 HEB stores statewide.

Today, Sandra's Salsa has expanded to serve more than 380 stores statewide. Sandra's Salsa is now co-packed by DipIt by Pilar in Mission, Tx.  DipIt by Pilar's Founder/CEO, Pilar Gonzalez won 2nd place in HEB's Quest for the Best. Well paired, both with fresh products, Pilar and Sandra have joined together to maximize production and automation needed as they both continue to grow their businesses.  Both businesses are women owned, operated, and grateful to HEB for all the continued support!  ~ Salsa Love to All


Sandra Schaub

Founder / CEO

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Giving Back:

Sandra Schaub, Founder/CEO of Sandra's Salsa knows that the success of her business is due to the undying support of her community, and other like-minded individuals who have continued to support and encourage her all throughout the years. She continues with great gratitude to all her supporters from Dripping Springs, Wimberley, and across Texas! She continues to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly business, with packaging that is recyclable, and green business practices.


Sandra believes it is everything to give back to her community. Sandra's Salsa supports Hays County Caldwell Women's Shelter, Crisis Bread Basket at Wimberley, Hays County Food Bank, New Braunfels Food Bank, Scudder Elementary, Jacob's Well Middle School, Wimberley High School, and the Human Rights Campaign. Sandra's Salsa is committed to making lives tasty, happy, and healthy.

Salsa Love to All~


Sandra Schaub